Windows 7 Starter Can Upgrade To Windows 10 Home & Gain Back Performance

It had to hurt…Buying what you thought was a decent little Windows 7 net-book and finding that you couldn’t change your wallpaper nor upgrade past 2GB of RAM as the thanks for your somewhat uninformed choice?

Well, guess what?

You can now upgrade to Windows 10 “Home” from 7 Starter!  Yep, you will upgrade in a BIG way: 2GB RAM limit? Gone! Plus you’ll benefit from an increase in speed due to Windows 10’s neat and trim kernel. Windows 7 Home Basic also benefits from the boost!

Windows 10 upgrade paths

I advise you clean install 7 first, get it set up perfectly & then, via the Maintenance folder in the program list, create a backup image of your perfect set up out to an external hard drive. In a pinch, you’d have that to fall back on. I recommend this approach in the off-chance that there’s some missing drivers for your computer for 10. You just might find your unit can’t run Win 10.

During the upgrade should you run into issues with drive capacity (a Windows 10 upgrade requires 16GB+ free space and some Win 7 Starter units had small drives) you can download & create a Windows 10 install USB/DVD, choose to erase your drive, and input your Windows 7 Starter product key during the installation. If anything should go wrong during activation, you always have that Win 7 image you made, right?

Happy upgrading– oh, and congrats!