Arctech Computing is a female-owned & operated computer service and training business serving Mandurah & it’s surrounds since 2012.

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  1. Hi, I live in a two storie house, with a computer downstairs and a smart tv upstairs
    Please sent estimated cost to connect them
    Email only

    • Hello Ted,

      When you say, “connect them”, what is it you’re wanting to do?

      Connecting them to a network, or to each other? If each other, what is it you’re trying to achieve?

      Also, what suburb are you in and do you know what type of internet you have?



  2. hi tracey
    i have laptop hp pavillion the touch screen only use few times and grandkids were on it and now i cant get it to start up with windows and when i try reset it it goes so far and stops can you help please

  3. I am looking for old laptop batteries, those considered dead or unserviceable that would otherwise be thrown out or recycled.
    I am a uni student studying physics and am doing a project on energy cells and want to use recycled batteries so if you have any for donation it would be very appreciated.

    Please contact me at your convenience either by email or phone if you can assist me with my request.

    • Hello Jason,

      I do occasionally get older, dead laptops (for data recovery) where the unit is essentially deemed “not worth fixing”. I’ll contact you when it happens next.


  4. Hi Tracy,
    Dave and Kris here from the old DMM at the boat yard. I have a troublesome laptop with Ubuntu 14.04.4 on it which has lost Network Manager. This happened while I was over east, I don’t think the install was very good and I had optus internet problems there at this time. Also, I don’t think I did a good job of removing windows 10 which let me down and I did not do a good job of installing Ubuntu.
    Do you do Ubuntu in the way of repairs and making a good setup for me?

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