Windows 10 Free Upgrade Is Over. Time To Move To Linux Mint!

The Microsoft Poison Carrot Is Gone, But No Worries…Linux Mint, To The Rescue!

Linux Mint is ready and waiting for you! As most people likely know, Microsoft gave away it’s Windows 10 system as a free upgrade (whether you wanted it or not, for some people) through July of 2016. However, to those users who required Microsoft’s “assistive technologies”, the free upgrade was still offered after July 2016. This would include sight-impaired folks, etc….however, there was no requirement that you HAD TO use the technologies & many, many more people upgraded for free– right up until 31 Dec. 2017.

Microsoft users are told what to do, are constantly interrupted with updates, and spend hours tackling pop-ups, viruses, and malware/ransomware. No choice. That’s kind of how it is with Windows.

The “free” give-away of the Windows 10 upgrade was simply Microsoft trying to get everyone onto the same system so it would be easier for them, not you. What better way than to offer the upgrade (poison carrot) for free? It’s kind of the way that drug-pushers are said to get their addicts— start off with a free go & then, you’re hooked! Do you honestly think it’s coincidence that Microsoft calls the operators of their software, “users“? Not clients, not customers– users…Think about it.

So, what now? The free upgrade is absolutely over. No more freebies. Sorry, kid– you want Windows, you’re up for $150-199 for the home version (oh, and no guarantee it’ll run on your hardware). But why would you bother with that when there’s something remarkably superior waiting for you, and it’s totally FREE?

Time To “Grow Up”, Switch To Linux Mint, And Enjoy Using Your Computer Again!

Linux Mint Mate Desktop

With the end of the free upgrade, you can cut that restrictive Microsoft cord and move to what I call an “adult’s operating system”– Linux Mint. No more updates which take forever and no more Window’s viruses, amongst other great features. Mint actually looks and functions very much like Windows does but without the side-effects mentioned above.

You can read more about it here  and then let me know if you’d like to give it a go. I’m available to set it all up and give you a starter course in it’s use.