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Tesla Storage Battery Tested In Mandurah

Tesla is just one more unusual mark being stamped onto the Mandurah landscape. Honestly, the most unbelievable things make their way to Mandurah without much fanfare. One, would be the incredibly successful and outstanding, “The Big Picture” program trialling at

Update for Windows 10 has major issues

Honestly– you cannot make this stuff up! How does a company with the money behind it like Microsoft has, to pay and employ the best of the best, manage to stuff things up so often and in such a big

Computer How-To: Buying A Good One

I see this mistake made far too often when people are shopping for a new computer. Someone will call me to ask if I can help them set up their new computer. Unfortunately, they will have already started setting it

Cyber-security & You: Ransomware In 2018

Ransomware Damages To Top $8 Bn US in 2018, up 60% From 2017 So, what does cyber-security mean for you? As ransomware evolves and becomes ever more sophisticated, it’s crucial for the public to understand it’s potential for damage. Depending

Major exploit exposes ALL user and network data–> Update NOW, to fix the KRACK in your security!

Major exploit exposes ALL data–> Update NOW, to fix the KRACK in your security! As reported this past weekend, an exploit, nicknamed KRACK (which stands for Key Reinstallation Attack) was discovered and it affects nearly every wireless device on the

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Toshiba battery recall now extended to more laptops!

Toshiba battery recall now extended to include more models than before.       Originally, I posted about Toshiba’s mass battery recall in May of this year: “Toshiba has recalled laptop batteries sold during June 2011 – Sept. 2015. Go

HP Laptop Power Cord Recall

There has been a HP recall of defective power cords. The affected cords were sold with HP and Compaq net-books and laptops manufactured from 2010- 2012. There were thousands of these defective power cords shipped. The cord end is labeled:

HP Laptop Battery Recall & Replace

Check your HP battery! Following “hot on the heels” (pun intended) of the previous Toshiba battery recall, we have Hewlett Packard’s “Hot Potato” over-heating batteries…. The affected laptops run the full HP gamut, including their popular Compaq branded units. Over-heating

Toshiba Laptop Battery Recall !!!

Toshiba has recalled laptop batteries sold during June 2011 – Sept. 2015. Go here, to check your laptop model & battery. There’s a download-able file available, which you can run on the laptop, and it will detect automatically if you

Windows 7 Starter Can Upgrade To Windows 10 Home & Gain Back Performance

It had to hurt…Buying what you thought was a decent little Windows 7 net-book and finding that you couldn’t change your wallpaper nor upgrade past 2GB of RAM as the thanks for your somewhat uninformed choice? Well, guess what? You

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