HP Laptop Power Cord Recall

There has been a HP recall of defective power cords. The affected cords were sold with HP and Compaq net-books and laptops manufactured from 2010- 2012. There were thousands of these defective power cords shipped. The cord end is labeled: LS-15.

LS-15 HP Recall

This recall does not affect the power supply directly. This affected cable, which runs from the mains power outlet to the power supply, can be unplugged from the power supply and replaced.  According to HP, the cord would not directly cause damage to the laptop or net-book.

How to check your cord

Following the link in the above “how-to”, the customer can check whether their power cord is affected. The white label attached to the cord contains the identification numbers needed for the online check. If their cord number is deemed one of those affected, the customer will be instantly alerted on-screen. The customer then simply fills out their address details. A new cord arrives by post generally within 2-3 weeks.

There is no cost to the customer for the replacement.