Ring me before purchasing new, shop-bought systems!

No- I don’t mean to sell you anything, I just want to give you the run-down on the best systems currently on sale in our local area.

In return, I hope you’ll hire me to transfer all of your data & email accounts + optimize your new PC.

Amazingly, the manufacturers are happy to unleash totally sloooooow systems to the public! To offer these low prices, you are treated to a whole lot of sluggish, under-powered PC’s + 30-60 days trial junk programs & manufacturer’s junk software, which are not conducive to a good experience with your PC.

What I do- before your eyes- is make your new system perform in a manner which results in every, single thing you use opening “instantaneously”– as it should. Truly, no one else you know will ever see the speed you’ll have with an optimized, store-bought machine.

What most people usually experience is a pricey computer that doesn’t really “feel” much different than their last, old computer (when it was new, a decade ago!).

I’d love to make your next computer experience exciting- the way it ought to be! Ring me- do it right! You won’t regret it.   :)