Learn To Build A Computer + Have A Chance To Win It!

Build it yourself!

Would you like to learn to build a computer and then have a good shot at taking that computer home with you? Arctech Computing is assessing interest in a one day, two hour course on the basics of building your own desktop computer.

What to expect?

The computer will be a mid-range unit suitable for multiple uses as constructed, as well as having the ability to be further upgraded later, if desired.

Building your own computer is extremely rewarding, educational, & fun! You’ll learn how to purchase compatible parts and the various considerations in purchasing. You’ll also learn how to determine where to spend your money to gain the best end result, for your intended uses.

Deepcool Mini Computer Tower

———————-> Deepcool SMARTER Mini Computer Case

To save time and in order to verify they function prior to the class, I will pre-install the processor (CPU) & RAM modules. I will also provide test units for students to practice with. Printed instructional pamphlets will be provided.

What’s included?

The computer will be built into a Deepcool SMARTER case with two 120mm case fans w/blue LED’s. It will be equipped with on-board graphics, HDMI, fast USB3 (rear & front), 8GB of system memory (RAM), DVD-RW, & a solid-state hard drive (SSD).

What’s not?

The operating system will not be included, as the new owner will then have the option to either purchase Microsoft Windows, use an existing license (should they have one), or install a free variant of Linux or Chromebook. A demonstration of Linux Mint will be shown at the class once the unit is fully assembled.

The winner of the computer understands that the prize is being offered “as-is” with no implied warranty from Arctech Computing. The prize is for the desktop computer tower only & does not include keyboard, mouse, monitor, or operating system.

What next?

If this class idea appeals to you, please reply by email. At the moment, I am merely seeking expressions of interest. The class will only proceed pending an adequate number of student responses. Cost of the class will be $75 cash, per person, due at registration & prior to the event.

As the money collected will already be spent (equipment, incidentals, & instructor fees) it is therefore non-refundable. This way, in the case that someone is unable to attend for any reason, the class will still be held for the others attending. Those unable to attend will still have their chance to win the computer.

Once 10 people have replied with a solid interest in attending, I will send a  follow-up email to verify your continued interest with details on payment and date of the event.

*Class size is limited to 10 people & will not take place with less than 10.

Thanks, & hope to hear back from you soon!